Occupation: STRONG

Occupation: STRONG, more than a fitness brand, curates lifestyles. You will receive the necessary knowledge to become more empowered and resilient, you will transform your body beyond aesthetics, you will look like a superhero but you will also be able to perform like a superhero.

You will become STRONG!

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About coach

Krisztina Fabo @occupation: STRONG started her fitness journey just like so many others, going to the gym, jumping on the treadmill because she didn’t know how to use machines and weights and because she didn’t wanted everybody to laugh at her while she was trying to figure out how to use them. But after years of research and training she found confidence and strength to truly transform her lifestyle. She became STRONG!

Her goals shifted and became performance oriented. She created a training regimen that includes functional movements, core training and balance improving exercises. Her fitness level elevated due to the new training concept, she looked fit and her strength increased tremendously. Benefits were obvious inside and outside the gym. This is the time when Occupation: STRONG was born.

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App's main features

Workout plans

Weekly and monthly workout plans, single workouts and exercises by target area.

Nutrition plans

Custom meal plans, diets and recipes for healthy weight loss and lean muscle gain.

Live streams

Access to live training sessions for new exercise routines and real-time motivation.

Explainer videos

Demo videos with detailed instructions on how to perform each exercise correctly.

Progress images

Workout statistics and the ability to upload progress photos for tracking results.

Cast to TV

Greater immersion and flexibility by following workout sessions on the big screen.

Blogs and posts

Your unique expertise on health & wellness, supplements, mindset and motivation.

Videos on demand

Instant access to all your videos anytime for a personalized workout experience.

Personalized plans

Personalized plans that match clients needs and allow greater results to be achieved.

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